Marcello Martinez Vega


005 „The Tears of Eros”, Cultural Center ‘Gartenflügel’, Ziegelbrücke, Switzerland

2004 »Song of Porcinelli«, Boston Consulting Group, Stuttgart

2003 Project: »A Walled Europe or the Ship is Full«, Freiburg

2002 Project: »Democracy equal Utopia« for Dokumenta Xi., Kassel

2001 Exhibition with Action, Municipal Bank - Sparkasse, Schweinfurt

2000 „Gartenflügel“ Gallery and Cultural Platform, Ziegelbrücke, Switzerland

1999 Project: »Garden of Peace«, Freiburg

1998 Competition: »Secession of the Inhabitants of Darmstadt«.Art Prize of Saarland

1997 Castle Haigerloch.»Malstoff«, Karlsruhe (collaboration).»Simultaneous«, BBK Südbaden, Freiburg (collaboration)

1996 Adelhauser’s Museum, Section of Ethnography, Freiburg

1995 German Bank, Hagen

1994 Art Society Backnang, Backnang.„Gartenflügel“ Gallery and Cultural Platform, Ziegelbrücke, Switzerland

1993 Speciall Art, Köln (collaboration).»Red X Basel Collaboration« 1992 Gallery Tabula, Tübingen

1991 until 1992 Project Management: »500 Years America«,.Catholic Youth Bureau, Freiburg

1991 Ecological Center Schattweid, Switzerland

1990 Townhall Buttiswil, Switzerland.Gallery of Schürehaus, Aesch, Switzerland

1989 Center of Brasilian Studies, Quito.Center »Jose Marti«, Amsterdam.Action Opening: »Open Haven Museum«, Amsterdam

1987 Sculptures and Engravings Diploma, The Central Universtity of Quito

1981 The Gallery, Quito (collaboration)

2007 „Art-Stretcher 07“, Gallery Schöber, Dortmund. „The Tears of Eros“, Meckel-Halle, Sparkasse Bank of Freiburg.„Seven.x.7x7“ drawings + video, Verona, Italy