Marcello Martinez Vega

back to black forest

 With only one kiss you broke my heart, with only one kiss. The ocean wave carries away your peremtory dreams. Where are you ? I do not feel you... As a submarine volcano you came to me destroying the reality, you came to me and gave me an ilusion. I shout your name to the sun. Heat, humidity, vapor, life and death. Earth swallow me, bring me to your womb mother earth.... Hide me, hide me, pick me up... Let me get into your centenary womb, before sadness invades me. I do not want to know the alphabet of love. I do not want, informal attraction to the marrow of the spinal column. What does it mean ? How is love is written ? "Black Forest" ? deadly phanthom. I destroy you, I stab you, I do change you into cosmic powder, fly freely. Will you come back again ? Burn me submarine volcano. Shout at me, insult in my face. Shake me, Make me powder. Desintegrate me in the cosmos.... "Xenos" But love stays "Black Forest", it is painful and lonely. Indestructible, the echo of your voice persists, the smoke of your fire provides me a body that I loved in my dreams. My bloody lips repeat your name. I bite the memory and look at your eyes. I know your kisses will be for another one. Black Forest I "Xenos" Treacherous mind.Weak heart naked flesh that I love in my dreams treacherous mind. Why did I let enter the love ? In which way does it tresspasses sneakily inside my brain ? I feel myself as a paralized being seeing the love arrive and I run out of fear. Brunnete flesh you might belong to another one, your kisses will be for another one, your hair will be caressed by another `s hands I bite my bloody and burnt lips for not uttering your name. Black forest !!! The dream is a nightmare. The night is short and death does not arrive. An ocean wave destroys my tears .. Your eyes stare at the stars, you are not for me, you are the wind. I look for you in the morning and I do not find you. Your lips are absent, you are an infinite cry, you are a submarine volcano. You are absent, I shall wait for you in thousand years and I will lose you in the wind... Sweet lips lady, your are not meant for me. Black forest!!! Sadness invades me, I do not find your light I work in the darkness and I do not meet you. You are a rolled song in the river, you lose your salt and reach the sea. In the night you water you are my tears. How can I say that I do not love you if you reach my submarine volcano. Black forest!!