Marcello Martinez Vega

el Pais del CACAO

Chocolate:According to diachronic evolution the word/cacahua/from the mesoamerican Olmeca ́s mixe-zoque language,represents the most ancient voice for cacao. The mentioned voice appeared around 3.500 years ago and goes as a loan word/cacahuatl /to the nahualt language which has been the lingua franca among the central american ancient peoples, it means, the word was adapted to the phonetic system of nahualt.Cacahuatl means sour juice.When the word Cacahuatl adapts itself to the spanish phonetic system,it becomes"cacao".A similar word in Spanish is "cacaguate" which are the peanuts.The word chocolate is the exonym of"chocolatl"in the spanish language that means: chocol = hot beverage and / atl = water, also this word comes from the nahuatl language. Chocolate appears in a written form in the spanish chronicles with the medieval letter which represented the sibilants sounds /sh/ /s/ and /ch/,therefore,/xocolate/became/chocolate/. The meaning of chocolate as a sour beverage has not yet got consensus among linguists. In the year 1590 the Jesuit José Acosta was the first person to describe the word chocolate as a loan word from the nahuatl language: Dr.Camilo Andrade,Linguistik Ecuador